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Media used

Cinema4D, Illustrator and Photoshop


This illustration demonstrates how the new paediatric chest tube insertion simulation permits learners and educators to visualize the tip of the instrument when practicing the procedure. An observation window at the top of the model allows trainees and instructors to observe the advancement and direction of the probing instrument; the former can then adjust hand movement while the latter can give instant feedback.(A) shows the viewpoint of the learner, while (B) demonstrates schematically how the window permits learners and instructors to see the probing instruments tip.

Project description

I worked with pediatric emergency physician Dr Samim Al-Qadhi to develop a physical benchtop simulation of pediatric chest tube insertion. Pediatric chest tube insertion is a difficult skill to master for emergency room physicians. These physicians are infrequently required to perform the procedure but their is little room for error when they do; botched attempts can easily lead to collapsed lungs. Dr Al-Qadhi, believed that existing bench models used for teaching provided too little visual feedback to trainees about the location of their instruments; feedback that if present, he believed would result in increased rate in the acquisition of procedure performance proficiency.

During development of the simulation, I created illustrations that we have used in posters, talks and an upcoming paper (submitted and in review).

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